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Arne's Mora Clocks

Get your very own Mora clock! Hand-crafted by Arne Holm, a retired Swedish carpenter in Long Lake, MN.

In 1999, Arne and his wife Virginia went to Sweden hoping to retrieve the family Mora clock that was stored with relatives. That 1783 clock with wooden works was lost amongst the relatives, never to be found again. When they returned from Sweden, Arne decided to make his own Mora clock from memory of the family clock that was in the foyer of his parents home in Sweden. 

These curvilinear Scandinavian tall case clocks are hand made today in Arne's work shop with the best wood available and high quality, water-resistant glue. These hard smooth wood surfaces are easily painted by some gold-medal winners in folk art and rosmaling.

The unusual shape makes it a wonderful conversation peice, but the eye-pleasing artwork that can be passed on from one generation to the next may be even more important.

See Arne's PEGS & JOKERS box sets!
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Arne's Pegs & Jokers

A new card game that is also known as jokers & pegs, social security or dirty board.

Virginia and Arne were taught this game in Texas. It is so popular that it is played 2-3 or more times a week with friends and relatives. A great gift for quality time in place of TV, video and other expensive pastime activities that are not as challenging as Pegs & Jokers.

Exercise your brain with this great peg board game for young and old! This is a simple game that needs some concentration because of the strategy that needs to be applied, and 5 to 90 year olds can play.

Give Pegs and Jokers as a unique gift - brain exercise for both young and old.


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